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Worth The Fight Podcast

Apr 26, 2020

In our uplifting conversation, Hayden and I talk in-depth about her overcoming childhood trauma to live a wholehearted life. She shares vulnerably a horrific event that imprisoned her but also gave her an incredible understanding of what trauma is and the mechanism behind psychedelic-assisted therapy. We share a hopeful glimpse of what might be possible from the other-side of trauma: both individual and collective. 


Show notes Hayden Bowen Podcast #28


We Discuss;



-Pushing against psychological immune system [12:48]


-Trauma cycle — Shake it off! [13:45]


-Listen to your body, it’s trying to tell you something - Mom knows best [15:42]


-Profound message of hope for those with trauma: There is a Benevolent Universe waiting for you, that has been here the whole time [18:10]


-Beyond the scope of the trauma filter [18:36]


-Wisdom and deep intelligence: Your attention has to go right on this spot(Your trauma) until you burn through it [22:10]


-The body never forgets [23:50]


-My coming out of the Psychedelic Closet [29:45]


-Lessons of the Vine! Title of my psychedelic coming out post HERE [30:00]


-Rhythms of nature are so healing! [33:10]


-Holotropic Breathwork [33:45]


-Collective invitation to redesign and rewire what we are doing(as a society)[41:45]


-“We are all just walking each other home” -Ram Dass [44:25]


-Hayden’s mother’s overcoming Parkinson's disease: “Disordered Movement” [52:47]


-Mom’s unwinding the unmet experiences in her body, and early childhood upbringing [55:05]


-Hayden’s mom’s Psychedelic healing MDMA-assisted therapy [59:10]


-Generative Parkinsons(Not Regenerative Dis-Ease) [1:02:54]


-Meeting our darkness is necessary to know our full light [1:05:00]


-One consciousness at a time - Janine, WTF Podcast #6 [1:09:30]


-Parting words from Hayden [1:14:15]