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Worth The Fight Podcast

Mar 31, 2021

Its 2021 and psychedelic medicines have gone mainstream. To keep pace with the rapid changes, there has been a wellspring of psychedelic societies popping up all over our country to provide community, education, create awareness, and hold space for people to share their experiences in a safe and supported environment. We share all the positive doings of the Milwaukee Psychedelic Society and illuminate the power of story to shift the overarching narrative in this full-on psychedelic renaissance.


Show notes Brittany Bolton: 


We Discuss;


-Brittany’s inspiration behind starting the Milwaukee Psychedelic Society(MPS) in 2018 [3:30]

-What the MPS is about [9:00]

-Portugal’s Decriminalization [11:20]

-Power of sharing your story [14:30]

-How to start your psychedelic society or psychedelic meet-up [16:10]



Milwaukee Psychedelic Society Contact Info: 


IG: @milwaukeepsychedelicsociety

MPS Meet-Up:

MPS Website: