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Worth The Fight Podcast

Jan 28, 2021

The degree to which we face our darkness is the very same degree to which we can stand and love in our light. As a Navy SEAL who served our country for 24 years, seeing it all in war, Guy McDermott knows the dark and the light of the human experience. In the class of our world’s most elite, esteemed warriors, Guy gracefully shares his wisdom, spiritual insights, and an incredible story of bravely confronting his most challenging assignment yet: Pursuing the journey through the heart, overcoming childhood/war trauma to live a life of genuine heartfelt service to others.



Show Notes Guy McDermott


We Discuss;


-Guy’s experience with psychedelic medicine [4:15]


-Ego & Integration: Hold The Line [8:30] 


-Guy’s reconciliation of childhood trauma[15:30]


-Getting to the root [22:40]


-Power of daily practice [31:10]


-Rewriting the story [38:50]


-Guy’s Integration Coaching Practice [48:30]


Power Quotes:


On the state of current pharmaceutical treatments: “They are draining us. We are still bleeding out. With the band-aids on.” 


“It’s easier to live life as a victim than to have the courage to propel yourself into a higher realm”


“The entheogenics have a powerful way of bringing you back to center”





Save A Warrior Retreat


Broods: Hold The Line


Brene Brown: Paradoxical Power of Vulnerability 

TRIBE, by  Sebastion Junger


Being True To You




Connect w/Guy McDermott: Transitional Performance Integration Coaching: