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Worth The Fight Podcast

Feb 24, 2021

Noah brings loads of wisdom and perspective to the psychedelic renaissance from his vantage point as a pioneering psychedelic lawyer. In our conversation, we highlight the enormous opportunity and the looming pitfalls as our human family leans out into this unknown. We talk in-depth about the hopeful nationwide decrim movement happening at both the local and state levels. 


Noah Potter Show Notes 


We Discuss;


-Oregon’s Prop 109/Prop 110 [3:50]

-State level legislation to decriminalize psychedelic/plant medicines [10:00]

-All of this: A grand uncontrolled experiment [13:20]

-Noah’s inspiration from LSD/Ibogaine [17:00]

-Threats to psychedelic renaissance [22:02]

-Phasing out the economies of scarcity [33:35]

-How this movement might shake out…[39:20]




Michael Pollan’s “How to Change Your Mind”


Martin Lee’s “Acid Dreams”


Noah Potter Contact:


LinkedIN (New Yorkers for Mental Health Awareness) 




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