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Worth The Fight Podcast

Mar 4, 2024

Are you seeking to quiet your mind and ruminate less? Are you curious about how we can regulate our nervous system at will? If so, Jesse's got you, as he guides us with practical tips and strategies for best leveraging the power of the breath to be healthy, happy and strong with the inner peace that comes from knowing we are connected to our breath, our life force. As an added bonus: breathwork can improve our sleep and sex lives too. Jesse also illuminates how to safely engage cold exposure for resilience, boosted immunity, and reduced inflammation. 


Jesse Coomer Show Notes: 


We Discuss; 


-Jesse Coomer’s training with Wim Hof [6:45]

-Our evolutionary ancestry is mismatched to our modern world [12:30]

-Our dopamine system: why we ruminate [26:30]

-Down-regulating our nervous system with conscious breathwork [29:30]

-Cadence of Bliss: 4-7-8 [34:45]

-Interrupting your rumination with slow breathing [39:00]

-Consciously creating calm for optimal human performance [45:00]

-“The Language of Breath” [57:30]

-“A Practical Guide to Cold Training” [102:30]

-Hormetic stress for building resilience, boosted immunity, reduced inflammation [103:00] 

-Seeking the “safety zone” of cold exposure. Not too little; not too much [108:00]


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