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Worth The Fight Podcast

Sep 18, 2019

In this inspired conversation with Shelby and Madison of DoubleBlind, we talk all things psychedelics and culture—all the pressing matters and hot topics in the bourgeoning psychedelic renaissance.


-Thoughts on Decriminalization Initiatives in Denver and Oakland (2:35)

-The inspiration behind DoubleBlind (10:20)

-“Ayahuasca Privilege” (12:16) 

-Madison wants “Set and setting to be as obvious to the psychedelic experience as don’t drink and drive” (17:55)

-Emerging Psychedelic Integration Therapy (19:52)

-Psychedelic meaning “Mind-Manifesting” (22:10)

-Favorite Psychedelic Books? (24:25)

-Morning Cat Meme’s and Healing Power of Laughter (31:25)

-Difference between 60s/70s and current psychedelic renaissance? (32:20)

-Psychedelic in “Mainstream” Culture New Yorker Article “Ayahuasca Is Drug of Choice for Age of Kale”  (38:45)

-Psychedelics and Peak Performance: Tim Ferriss, Aubrey Marcus, Joe Rogan (40:44)

-Veteran PTSD, MDMA/Cannabis for veterans treatment-resistant PTSD (44:44)

-Trump’s Execute Order Expanded Access (46:00)

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