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Worth The Fight Podcast

Dec 30, 2023

Megan shares her brave journey of overcoming depression, anxiety, and attachment wounds to be healthy, happy, strong, and in love. She’s utilized an earnest microdosing protocol and aligned synergistic practices to help attract her love partner. In our spirited discussion, we get super nuanced and illuminate how embracing discomfort is part of the process of rewiring our physiology from a maladaptive to an adaptive setting more aligned with our true self, and how the daily practices (meditation, mindfulness, breathwork, journaling, exercise) help to regulate our nervous systems and emotional responses. 


#101: Megan: Show Notes

We discuss;

-Megan using microdosing to call in her love partner [3:45]

-Healing inner child wounds [5:40]

-Shifting the frame: “I get to do this!” Instead of “I have to do this” [7:30]

-Power of intention and contemplative journaling [9:00]

-Embracing discomfort as part of the healing process [17:15]

-Find a worthy struggle or struggle will find you [20:08]

-HEAL! Megan’s brave story of overcoming from anxiety and depression [22:40] 

-Heart-opening benefits of microdosing [29:10]

-Nervous system regulation [34:00]

-Megan’s inspiration with The Brave Psychonaut: Health, Wellness & Spirituality Podcast [37:30] 

-Parting words of hope and optimism [40:40]

-GenZ: Mental Health, Authenticity & Purpose [41:30]


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HEAL!: Wholeistic Practices to Help Clear Your Trauma, Heal Yourself, and Live Your Best Life

By Dr. Randall Hansen featuring Megan and Matt