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Worth The Fight Podcast

Oct 1, 2020

CHASING THE PRESENT film is a game-changer documentary that is coming online in perfect timing. Truly a present to unwrap; gifted for us all to better capture the ever-elusive present moment in our precariously present times. Check this documentary out! In our podcast, we unpack its dynamic goodness: meditation, ayahuasca, travel, self-contemplation, the nature of the Self & the illusory nature of suffering.


Chasing The Present Film Show Notes #47


We Discuss;

-James Sebastiano’s inspirational moment where he knew Chasing The Present would someday be a reality [4:30]

-From Shock to Awe another potent documentary about our US Veterans healing with plant medicines [8:20]

-Overall message/mission of Chasing The Present [19:25]

-Power of our Thinking. Change your thoughts. Change how you feel. [22:25]

-FEARVANA: “Suffering Well” - Akshay Nanavati [23:20]

-Potent practice of Self-Inquiry  [24:55]

-Sensitivity of shooting film at Temple of the Way of Light ayahuasca retreat  [28:20]

-Film values: non-dogmatic [37:15]

-Hopes for Chasing The Present Film [39:45]

-It’s ALL about presence [42:30]


Chasing The Present Film: Beyond Anxiety, Beyond Thought—Freedom IS possible!

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