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Worth The Fight Podcast

Feb 1, 2021

Dr. Lynn Marie Morski is a superstar working to bridge the gap between conventional Western medicine and the bourgeoning psychedelic renaissance, bringing a novel angle and impressive resume: MD, JD, and she worked in the VA for many years, seeing firsthand the shortcomings and inability to properly treat our veterans. Growing up in a conservative upbringing Dr. Morski’s compassionate beginners mindset lends for needed diplomacy and understanding as these novel healing medicines and therapies continue to make their way to the mainstream.


Show Notes Dr. Lynn Marie Morski


We Discuss;


-Her profound healing experience w/LSD [10:00]


-Inspiration for Plant Medicine Podcast [14:00]


-Epiphany realizing all expansive life training led to this moment [19:05]


-Hope in our US veterans leading the charge [25:00]


-Breaking down PTSD and treatment options [30:00]


-Psychedelic Medicine Association [36:10]


-Dr. Morski’s diplomatic plea for compassion and unity in the psychedelic renaissance [43:50]



Useful Resources:


-From Shock to Awe

-Please check out the Psychedelic Medicine Association!

-Dr. James Fadiman: Microdosing Psychedelic Medicine 


Connect w/Dr. Lynn Marie Morski:


IG: @plantmedicinedotorg @psychedelicmedicineassociation

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