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Worth The Fight Podcast

Sep 18, 2019

Are our struggling but resilient war veterans our greatest hidden strength? Is healing the minds of those that have honor, integrity, courage—a potential love-based solution to our troubled times? 

In our conversation, Jesse Gould, the founder of the Heroic Hearts Project, and I discuss the veteran suicide tragedy and mental health epidemic. We talk about how the veteran plight affects us all. It’s a hopeful conversation about the enormous potential in the hearts of our war veterans—for collective healing, the opportunities to bring together our fractured nation over our shared humanity. 

Jesse shares his personal overcoming with ayahuasca therapy, how this misunderstood medicine has helped him move past his post-service depression and PTSD.

We discuss the many ways for people to get involved with the Heroic Hearts Project; opportunities to help and give back to our war veterans that need us now more than ever. 


-Breaking Convention recent psychedelic conference in the UK (2:40) 

-Heroic Hearts Project: Connecting military veterans with ayahuasca healing retreats (6:30)

-Re-establish communities through healing our war veterans (13:20)

-Jesse’s personal story of overcoming post-service struggles with depression/mental health struggles with Ayahuasca (17:10)

-VA challenges in treating our war veterans (27:00)

-Lessons on integrating psychedelic experiences (33:33) 

-Ayahuasca and gut biome: Personality/gut biome grant(U Biome) and study at the University of Georgia (41:50) 

-Heroic Hearts Ambassador Program: Our warriors, they need us right now more than ever! Please consider getting involved with this vital mission of hope and healing (45:15)

-Micheal Pollan’s How to Change Your Mind: The New Science in Psychedelics (46:50)

-Tony Robbins/Mike Tyson psychedelic experiences on “HotBoxin” Podcast w/Mike Tyson (47:45)


-Heroic Hearts Project: For more info and to donate 

-Heroic Heart’s FB:

-Heroic Heart’s IG: