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Worth The Fight Podcast

Feb 2, 2022

Doug shares his powerful story of getting off of pharmaceuticals to finding a second lease on life: elevated energy & Self-awareness with a renewed focus on serving our human family. As the Chief Empathy Officer of Empathic Health Doug is building community within the psychedelic space, providing a safe space where like-minds can connect, learn and grow together. He shares his inspiring story and hopeful outlook for that Better World Our Hearts Know Is Possible. 


Show notes Doug Finkelstein/Empathic Health


-Doug shares his personal experiences with psychedelics [2:30]

-Power of intention [4:45]

-Doug’s open sharing of struggles with pharmaceuticals [10:30]

-Science of psychedelics vs. pharma [18:15]

-Empathic Health: How to get involved [21:45]

-Longterm goals [24:50]

-Rick Doblin PhD’s post-prohibition world in 2035 [29:30]

-Psychedelics & Limitless Personal Growth Meet Up: Microdose Monday’s [34:00]

-Doug’s experiences with microdosing [35:00}

-Power of the morning ritual/health stack [39:20]


To connect with Doug and Empathic Health: