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Worth The Fight Podcast

Jan 1, 2021

High-vibes for the 2021 New Year! Love. Compassion. Service. Peace & Joy. And lots of Fire—all in our latest conversation! Cal graciously shares his incredible story and journey of transformation and plants plentifully, the seeds of an Abundant mindset. His understanding of the trauma cycle and the blessing that hides within our past hurts is second to none.


In this episode, Cal and I explore...


-Cal’s escape from the corporate grind and rat race [5:45]

-Abundant mindset: permission to move on and close chapters [10:00]

-Awakening to child-like exciting/inner child—Filter of Joy & fun [18:00]

-The Great Unlearn Podcast [21:00]

-Cal’s NDE at the Las Vegas mass shooting in 2017 [27:00]

-Cal’s profound understand of generational trauma/shadow work [41:00]

-Experiences healing with Ketamine [47:30]

-Abundance: Cal’s superpower sans scarcity programs [49:10]

-Microdosing w/Psychedelics: LSD & Psilocybin [52:30]

-Radical honesty and radical acceptance [102:10]

-Unlearn Ventures [1:13:45]



Quotes from Cal: 


“When you heal the wounding, you become the wounded healing and get to share that medicine with others”


“Why can’t we hold space for one another and just listen?”


“I am very fucking clear in the work I am here to do!”



-David Deida’s Way of Superior Man

-Dr. Thomas Cowan 

-Miguel Ruiz “The Four Agreements”


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