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Worth The Fight Podcast

Nov 4, 2020

Rachel honors my Bday wish by pushing our favorite edge of real-talk around the horrors of Catholicism. In our hopeful podcast, she invites us all to lean into the pain and discomfort of our hurts and find the blessing on the other side. As a sexually empowered woman, she bravely shares her optimistic outlook for a better world with more pleasure and love. A more harmonious world where we properly embrace feminine leadership and find more balance between our collective masculine and feminine energies. 




Show Notes Rachel LaForest #51


We Discuss;


-Rachel bravely engaging her parent’s “mental fitness” [8:15]


-Stopping cycles of abuse and trauma [12:00]


-Inspiring people stuck in the challenges you’ve worked through [14:35]


-Divine Feminine Uprising—Fall of the Patriarchy [17:30]


-Your light is forged in the dark [25:40]


-Women/Feminine leadership [39:20]


-Harness the Divine Feminine which is bold, mysterious, unknown, dark, emotional & vocal [40:20] 


-Rachel’s Only Fans Page [42:00]


-Its okay to have innate desires [43:30]


-Women’s power is not to fear; it’s to enjoy [49:00]




FLY — Fucking Love Yourself! 


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