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Worth The Fight Podcast

Nov 2, 2022

Helping those who can’t help themselves. That is what the psychedelic movement is all about. Mike shares his expansive wisdom and loads of pragmatic advice on how to massively level up your game. We talk psychedelic healing & integration, power of intention, morning ritual, habit stacking, microdosing, altruism, and so much more. 


Show Notes Mike Mumola #89:

We discuss;

-Mike’s journey with psychedelic medicines [3:30]

-Breaking down the erroneous DARE programming [11:15]

-Answers to life’s challenges coming from the heart [20:00]

-Mike & Paola’s calling: Helping those who can’t help themselves [22:22]

-Terence McKenna: “Culture is not your friend!” [26:20]

-Aaron Rodger’s reigning 4X NFL MVP sharing his ayahuasca journey [32:15]

-Incredible power in Intention and Set & Setting to embrace change [40:00}

-Why coaching? Once that train gets moving it's hard to stop :) [42:00]

-Morning routine [44:30]

-Mike’s experience with microdosing Ibogaine & psilocybin [47:10]


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