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Worth The Fight Podcast

Nov 9, 2023

Juliana is back to share her critically important work with Healing Breakthrough, where they are working earnestly to lay the groundwork within the Veteran Affairs (VA) for MDMA-Assisted Therapy, which is very likely to be an approved FDA cure for PTSD within the next year. We illuminate the incredible possibility within the veteran community to lead this charge and to be a desperately needed rallying point to unify our fractured nation and global human family. It’s time to come together. 


Juliana Mercer Show Notes: 


We discuss;


-Juliana’s inspiring work with Healing Breakthrough [5:40]

-MAPS Clinical Trials 71% no longer qualify for PTSD [7:00]

-Veteran healing is bipartisan [10:45]

-Power in vulnerability [15:30]

-Juliana’s self-care and integration practices [20:00]

-Grieving her old self [26:30]

-Netflix Boyscouts of America 82k plaintiffs of sexual molestation scandal [30:00]

-Why veterans lead this charge [37:00]

-Healing Breakthrough’s strategy to scale MDMA-Assisted Therapy [41:10]

-Only 15-20 private donors in the psychedelic space [49:00]


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