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Worth The Fight Podcast

Feb 11, 2024

First we create our habits, then our habits create us. In this solocast, I break down what a typical day looks like for me and present many habits, practices, rituals that have helped to supercharge my health, energy levels, and productivity. Somethings that I didn’t mention or share: Love those long walks in nature for creativity. I listen to inspired podcasts and audiobooks at night to keep up with the latest cutting-edge health directives. The supreme importance to get out and get sunshine in the first 30-60 minutes upon waking and turning on as much bright light as possible before sunrises. Getting consistent morning sunlight sets our circadian rhythm and is imperative for optimal sleep. 


Helpful Resources: 

Wim Hof Method:

Wim Hof Guided Breathwork (11 minutes):

NSDR - Dr. Andrew Huberman (10 minutes):

80/20 Principle -Richard Koch

Why We Sleep -Dr. Matthew Walker

Soul Lift Cacao:

Alpha Brain


For more on the Worth The Fight mission and message of hope and healing: