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Worth The Fight Podcast

Sep 5, 2022

Gerardo’s book is a masterpiece: Brave, bold, timely, selfless, and truly an inspirational program of overcoming. “Taking Back My Mind” is a game-changer for anyone seeking to heal to become the best versions of themselves. In our spirited conversation we talk psychedelic medicines, integration practices: Wim Hof & Stoicism. And we aggressively confront the failed war on drugs and the carnage left in its wake. 


Show Notes Gerardo Urias:


We discuss;

-Gerardo’s journey with psychedelic medicines [4:40]

-How we treat ourselves is how we treat others [10:20]

-Wim Hof & Psychedelics [13:40]

-Inspired by Tim Ferriss’s 80/20 rule [16:15]

-How stoicism helps us integrate psychedelic healing [21:00]

-Amor Fati: Love Your Fate! [23:45]

-An invitation for 10X growth [36:20]

-Flow is the answer [40:00]

-Thoughts on the failed, unjust, racist War on Drugs [45:00]

-60/70s vs our current psychedelic renaissance [59:20]



Useful Resources: 


Stealing Fire by Steven Kotler/Jamie Wheal,

Plant Medicine Podcast w/Dr. Lynn Marie Morski’s 

Psychedelic Medicine Association 


Contact Gerardo Urias:


FB: @takingbackmymind

IG: @gerardourias77

“Taking Back My Mind” Please support a brave first time author and pick up a copy of Gerardo’s game-changer book