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Worth The Fight Podcast

Aug 21, 2020

Juliana shares unabashedly her joyful heart and her inspiring healing and overcoming with plant medicines. As a US Marine(retired), she has a very strong pulse on our many of the challenges facing our great nation and human family: War, the failed War on Drugs, the Pandemic, systemic racial injustices. 

Juliana’s understanding of how plant medicines might help fellow veterans with PTSD is strikingly profound; having both the first-hand experience of war & carnage and the grace of deep healing and letting go.


Podcast Show Notes: Juliana Mercer #41 


-My backstory with Juliana [9:24]


-Her healing retreat with Heroic Hearts Project [12:47]


-Juliana’s experience with ayahuasca [16:30]


-Residual trauma/PTSD flowing out of her [22:00]


-Juliana’s continuous healing with Psilocybin [25:50]


-Her compassionate spirit of activism and devotion to positive social change [35:40]


-War on Drugs: Is there a more racist policy and egregious civil rights violation? [39:40]


-Juliana’s take on our Pharmaceutical Companies/Our collective mental health crisis [45:33]


-Our beef with organized religion [50:55]


-Juliana sharing publicly her psychedelic healing [1:00:00]


To connect with Juliana Mercer: IG: @xojmerc


Supportive resources for US Veterans: 

Mission Continues

Team RedWhiteAndBlue 

Travis Mills foundation 


Heroic Hearts Project is seeking HHP Ambassadors: To get involved with the veteran healing mission

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