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Worth The Fight Podcast

Sep 30, 2023

It’s a strange paradox, but there is Infinite power in peace. Franci, a kindred free spirit, courageously shares her brave journey overcoming religious trauma. We talk in-depth about the transformative nature of awe and travel, the science of meditation to rewire our brains and nervous systems, why breathwork is a game-changer, gradual cold exposure, how to get the most out of a contemplative journaling practice, microdosing and macrodosing, and the supreme importance of integration practices to cultivate health, happiness, strength and resilience from within. Lastly, Franci shares her incredible bucket list Thailand Meditation Retreat. 


Franci Blanco Show Notes:


We discuss; 


-Franci’s inspiration for her unconventional path: Awe & Travel [10:00]

-Yoga teacher training and the power of the breath [15:10]

-Religious trauma [18:10]

-Do it afraid [27:00]

-Incredible science of meditation [31:50]

-Franci’s meditation practice and Vipassana Retreats [42:25]

-RAIN: Recognize, Allow, Investigate, Nurture [52:00]

-Power of contemplative journaling [55:20]

-Breathwork: Wim Hof & NSDR [1:02:20]

-Franci’s psychedelic journey and microdosing for depression [1:25:15]

-Thailand Meditation Retreat [1:33:15]


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