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Worth The Fight Podcast

Dec 26, 2022

It was a special honor having microdosing pioneer Paul Austin, founder of the ThirdWave on the Worth The Fight Podcast. Paul’s message is all about catalyzing transformation through intentional psychedelic use. He is a leading voice in psychedelics for personal growth, creative insight, and professional transformation. His book “Mastering Microdosing” was a true gem. A must-read for anyone seeking to harness the incredible potential of psychedelia.


Show Notes Paul Austin:


We discuss;


-Paul’s journey with alternative medicine cannabis/psychedelics [5:00]

-Definition of microdosing: Sub intoxication [12:40]

-Why follow a microdosing protocol [15:20]

-Psychedelics as a skillset [19:30]

-Psychedelics & flow state [30:00]

-Microdosing LSD vs Psilocybin [34:30]

-Paul’s ideal flow day [36:15]

-Leveraging psychedelics for moving through social anxiety [39:30]


Connect with Paul Austin & The ThirdWave


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Coaching the coaches:

“Mastering Microdosing: How to Use Sub-Perceptual Psychedelics to Heal Trauma, Improve Performance, and Transform Your Life” Highly recommended! Purchase HERE