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Worth The Fight Podcast

Apr 30, 2023

Psychedelic pioneer and living legend Dr. James Fadiman shares his expansive wisdom on how to get the most out of an intentional microdosing protocol. There is an explosive cultural phenomenon of people using “micro” doses of psychedelic medicine to boost mood and energy levels; Dr. Fadiman breaks down why and the mechanism at play here, illuminating the wondrous Possibility in microdosing for health, well-being, expansive creativity, and deeper connection(s). 

Show Notes Dr. James Fadiman: 

We Discuss;

-Massive surge in microdosing: Cultural phenomenon [6:30]

-Microdosing for depression [9:30]

-Microdosing and Connection/Sex/Intimacy [12:00]

-Neuroplasticity: Massive leverage point [15:30]

-“Start low, go slow & take time off” [16:45]

-Safety of psychedelics and microdosing [18:00]

-Placebo effect [24:00]

-Pharma’s failure: Depression keeps rising [33:00]

-Fadiman’s pioneering psychedelics for creativity studies from 1960s [34:30]

-Practice of envisioning [41:30]

-Psychedelics vs. Pharma model [47:20]

-Dr. Fadiman’s latest book: Your Symphony of Selves [54:00]


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