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Worth The Fight Podcast

Mar 9, 2020

Nick Meador shares his extraordinary story of overcoming addiction and chronic fatigue syndrome. At Soul Lift Cacao, he proudly sources the best ceremonial raw/organic cacao money can buy. If you are looking to unlock vibrancy and dormant next-level creativity, this conversation might help.


Show notes Nick Meador Soul Lift Cacao #21


We Discuss;


-Journey with cacao (4:40)


-Flow research level up: Creativity, learning, Productivity (8:06)


-Chronic fatigue: Severe exhaustion, brain fog, muscle pain (9:05)


-Legal food kitchen (10:08)


-Evolving w/Plants and Accelerated/Exponential technologies (14:46)


-Male Vulnerability (16:50)


-Flavanoids: Highest anti-oxidant food (20:52)


-Theobroma: Translates to “Food of the Gods” History of cacao (25:34)


-Cacao ceremony: meditation, breathwork, embodied journey (30:15)


-“Ceremonial cacao in 15-20 years will be as big as yoga and Starbucks—we are just scraping the surface!” (33:30)


-Cacao Facilitator Training/March 16th 10-week Training Course (34:50)


-Integration is easier with cacao (35:45)


-Addiction to cannabis cured with shamanic peak plant medicine experience (40:45)


-The difference between a medicine and poison is the dose (42:30)


-Full-spectrum medicine (43:30)


-Agroforestry healthiest cacao trees in diverse forests (45:00)


-Abstract spiritual books didn’t help (51:30)


-The Alchemist -Paulo Coelho (53:00)

10-week facilitator training course link: