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Worth The Fight Podcast

Jun 30, 2024

Chemistry professor Dr. Joey Lichter, breaks down how psychedelics work, the supreme importance of integration, the history of psychedelics, and the potential problems we will face as these misunderstood medicines are integrated into the mainstream medical model. 


Dr. Joey Lichter Show Notes: 

We discuss;

-Started Psychedelic Club in 2021 [5:00]

-Hype & Hope vs True Evidence [6:50]

-Microdosing and creativity [9:00]

-Dr. Joey Lichter’s inspiration and motivation to serve [11:55}

-Will MDMA-assisted therapy for PTSD be approved by the FDA in August? [23:30]

-Trip of Compassion [26:00]

-Our broken medical system [29:00]

-Risk of over-dependence on medicine [35:55]

-Psychedelics, meditation, and our breath [39:30]

-Brain chemistry: how psychedelics work [42:00]


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