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Worth The Fight Podcast

Dec 1, 2020

Conner provides us some refreshing objectivity about our unprecedented times. In his typical unabashed real-talk manner we broach: psychedelic medicines, state of our politics, unconventional relationships, spiritual dogma, and so much much more. Conner has an inspiring story and fascinating upbringing with many diverse experiences which lends for a unique way of looking at the world. 



Show notes Conner Moore #55


We Discuss;


-Conner’s past and what drives his curiosities [6:00]

-Calling out spiritual dogma [10:00]

-Criticism of Christianity vs. Christians [21:10]

-Nadine Harris Burke TedTalk Trauma ACE’s(Adverse Childhood Experiences)[23:30]

-Racial Injustice Policy [26:00]

-Winner’s Take All: An Elite Charade of Changing the World [30:20]

-Conner’s extraordinary diverse upbringing and experiences [33:30]

-His experience with ayahuasca [38:40]

-Unconventional relationships/“Monogamish” [41:10]

-Models: How to Attract Women with Honesty [53:00]

-Thinking of starting a podcast? SoulFire Podcourse [59:30]


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