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Worth The Fight Podcast

Aug 7, 2020

Cannabis pioneer Andrew DeAngelo, takes us on a journey to where the psychedelic renaissance is heading, graciously mapping the predictable pitfalls—gleaning insight from mistakes made by the Cannabis industry. In our hopeful conversation, we talk psychedelic medicines, our sick and unjust war on drugs, and dive deep into his inspiring work: THE LAST PRISONER PROJECT, whose mission is to free ALL of those still imprisoned for Cannabis-related charges. 


Show notes #40 Andrew DeAngelo

We Discuss; 


  • 3:30 - How have psychedelics and cannabis informed Andrew’s path? How’d it get started for him?
  • 12:54 - What are some of the predictable mistakes and unintended consequences that already have or could occur in the cannabis legalization space
  • 24:30 - How do the psychedelic renaissance and big pharma coexist? How does a non-profit model fit in?
  • 33:20 - What is the Last Prisoner Project and what is the goal?
  • 39:00 - What’s strategies are there for overcoming the War on Drugs? 
  • 53:00 - What has Andrew seen in the veteran community with regard to healing trauma with cannabis and visionary plants?
  • 1:00.48 - What does Andrew say to those looking to have their first experience with visionary compounds for healing personal trauma? 


Top 3 relevant quotes:

  1.  7:13 - "The Medicine was allowing me to start to accept and come to peace with (the trauma)...ya know you always embrace the demon, you don't pretend it's not there; you look at it in the eye and say "what are you trying to teach me demon?" - Andrew DeAngelo

  2. 20:01 - "There's more exuberance right now than there is smart design on how to integrate these compounds into society." - Andrew DeAngelo

  3. 48:54 - "We're all on our own journey of can't get to adulthood in the US, certainly not middle age, like me, without experiencing trauma and failure and difficulty and loss and grief, and we need to be able to use these experiences in a positive way and transform them and integrate them in ourselves so that we become stronger wiser people that are then able to serve others even better. - Andrew DeAngelo



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