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Worth The Fight Podcast

May 31, 2023

Emma Beckerle bravely shares her powerful story of soulful transformation, overcoming many addictions and mental health challenges. She’s brilliantly synergized her background in corporate finance with her passion for plant medicine healing. We discussed psychedelic integration, microdosing + macrodosing, and shared many actionable tips and strategies to get the most out of these misunderstood medicines. Her fiery passion and inspired real talk is a breath of fresh air for the movement and beyond. 


Emma Beckerle Show Notes 


We discuss;


-Emma’s personal journey overcoming mental health challenges [3:30]

-Power of breaking the mold. Listen to your intuition [8:00]

-Emma’s experience with psilocybin [18:15]

-The wondrous benefits of microdosing plant medicine [23:10]

-Macrodosing with psilocybin to combat addiction [24:00] 

-Powerful journey of Self-Love [33:10]

-Sleep 1-pager from Huberman Lab:

-Dr. Andrew Huberman, Stanford Neuroscientist, sharing his personal healing journey with MDMA-Assisted Therapy [41:00]

-Power of vulnerability and showing up authentically [48:00]

-The plight of our US veterans with no access to extremely efficacious plant medicines [55:00]

-Emma’s work at ABO Performance & Advisory [58:00]

-Ketamine TaskForce healing for veterans [104:10]


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