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Worth The Fight Podcast

May 23, 2020

Zach Carothers, bassist for Portugal. The Man. shares his personal experiences with Psychedelic Medicines. We talk in-depth about the band’s inspiring activism through the PTM Foundation, giving Voice to the marginalized and overlooked. In our Hopeful conversation, Zach delivers a rockstar performance in Realness and Authenticity—telling it how it is, Unabashedly confronting our nation’s mental health challenges and systemic injustices. 


Portugal The Man links:
Feel it Still - Grammy award-winning song for "Best Pop Duo/Group Performance" in 2018: 
- Acceptance speech by Zach Carothers: 
Zachary Carother's Instagram:
12:59 - May is Mental Health Awareness Month:
13:19 - Veteran suicide. Approximately 22 veterans per day commit suicide.
13:43 - Homeless veteran percentage at around 10-15%
13:53 - Ayahuasca and MDMA therapy being used for war veterans as a means of trauma healing and integration.
14:30 - Approximately 1 of 4 Americans are on psychology meds. 18-19 million suffering with anxiety disorders. 8% of population has PTSD at any given time:
16:30 - The Sopranos
18:20 - Brene Brown and vulnerability
- Website:
- TED Talk:
- Podcast -
19:32 - MDMA and psilocybin being fast-tracked as a breakthrough therapy by the FDA in phase 3 clinical trials with federal government. Johns Hopkins, NYU, University of Wisconsin Madison and Imperial College of London are all doing research and studies.
-NYU: - -
- Johns Hopkins: 
- University of Wisconsin Madison: -
- Imperial School of London:
23:37 - Denver and Oakland decriminalization:
24:00 - Marijuana and other drug offenders in jail:
24:39 - Medical Marijuana and state legality: (Matt said 38 states, but it could be closer to 33)
26:27 - Covid-19 and jail populations:
27:14 - reparations for marijuana drug offenders in jail. 
29:00 - Zachary Carothers on podcast with "Trainer Jeff"
29:18 - Indigenous peoples and land acknowledgments/recognition by Portugal. The Man:
31:19 - Portugal. The Man non-profit foundation - "PTM Foundation"
35:54 - Indigenous peoples are three times more likely to have PTSD.
36:29 - Peyote in Native American healing process
45:14 (and 49:34) - Heroic Hearts Project and Jesse Gould - Worth the Fight Podcast guest #3
47:32 - Kelly Brogan
49:56 - Worth The Fight Podcast 316 with Amber & Marcus Capone/VETS
50:10 - Ibogaine:
57:25 - Sebastian Junger and "Tribe" the book. And veteran childhood sexual trauma.
1:00:27- Pagans in the Promised Land: Decoding the Doctrine of Christian Discovery. By Steven Newcomb
1:14:58: Rick Doblin
1:16:25 - Worth The Fight Book on Kindle, Amazon and audiobook.
1:16:40 - Mark Poelzer
1:17:28 - Madison Psychedelic Society and Worth The Fight bookclub with Matt Simpson and Day H-J
- Madison Psychedelic Society - 
- May 28th, 2020 at 7 pm CST “Worth The Fight” presentation:
- June 17th, 2020 at 6 pm CST “Worth The Fight” Bookclub: