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Worth The Fight Podcast

Oct 22, 2019

Ryan and I talk about everything psychedelic integration and culture. In our conversation, we cover the vital importance of integrating these peak experiences into our day-to-day lives in service to making our world better. You probably won’t find two most optimistic people that believe in what is possible for our human family. Please consider rating/reviewing on iTunes if this hopeful messaging resonates. Thank you for listening! 


-4:00 Ryan’s Most Impactful Psychedelic Books: “The Secret Chief Revealed”, “Doors of Perception”, “The Smell of Rain on Dust”

-20:55 Zendo Project: 

-23:00 Zendo Four Principles: A safe space, Sitting not guiding, Talking through not down, Difficult is not the same as bad.

-26:45 Co-creating communities of compassionate care

-35:00 Ryan talks about his psychotic break 

-44:12  Restorative Justice

-48:04 Psychedelics and Climate Change?

-57:15 Disruptive nature of Flow States: Up-leveled Creativity, Productivity & Learning 

-1:04:00 Male vulnerability to break down Bullshit Incorporated limiting belief societal programming

-105:00 Brene Brown “Paradoxical power of vulnerable strength

-106:15 Mark Manson’s “Models: Attract Women Through Honesty.”

-1:14:00 Zendo: How to get involved? I highly recommend both the Zendo Project training and volunteer. I have tremendous value with their compassionate programming and instruction. 

-1:16:00 Ryan’s parting advice and wisdom: “Slow and Steady!” “Slow and Subtle”