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Worth The Fight Podcast

Jul 20, 2022

Jillian brings a novel approach to optimal health and emotional well-being. She bravely shares her healing journey overcoming childhood trauma and her earnest intentions to pay the grace of plant medicine healing forward. She has put together an inspiring offering that gets to the root by fostering sisterhood and deep healing with Ketamine therapy. We talk psychedelic healing and how to best integrate for getting the most out of the experience to be healthy, happy and strong. 



Jillian Acosta/The Root Cause Method Show Notes:

We Discuss;

-Jillian’s struggles with eating disorder [5:10]

-Healing her relationship with food in plant medicine ceremony with sassafras [10:00]

-First profound healing retreat with Ayahuasca [19:30]

-Getting to the root trauma [26:00]

-Handling challenging emotions [29:30]

-Magical power of sisterhood [40:00]

-The gifts that came from trauma [47:00]

-Leveraging neuroplasticity for positive change [50:45]

-Roots, Seeds & Trees 12-Week Program [53:10]

-More thoughts around integration [1:00:00]

-Morning ritual [1:04:00]


Helpful resources: 


-The Tim Ferriss Show

- “Untamed” by Glennon Doyle

-The Wisdom of Trauma with Gabor Mate 


To contact Jillian: 




IG:@therootcausemethod & @jillianacosta_rd

IG: @drmichelleweiner


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