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Worth The Fight Podcast

Jul 20, 2023

Andy shares his powerful story of overcoming. He brings us into the unconventional trial-by-fire training, the soulful initiation that led him to pursue holding space as a medicine man and ceremonial leader. We shine light on the huge opportunity to leverage Psilocybin's boosted neuroplasticity for deep healing and accelerated transformational growth. Andy shares how it all goes down as a preview and invitation to dream big ahead of our upcoming Sacred Plant Medicine Retreat at the Imiloa Institute in beautiful Costa Rica. 


Andy Sudbrock Show Notes:

We discuss;

-Andy’s backstory as an ecologist [7:00]

-The Crucible: Burning it down to the ground [12:00]

-Journeys with Ayahuasca [14:30]

-Andy’s awakening to his true calling [22:00]

-Training to be a Medicine Man: Trial by fire training initiatory rite [30:00]

-Imiloa Institute [38:30] 

-Two-step process for healing [40:30]

-Potential magic of neuroplasticity [48:00]


Connect with Andy Sudbrock:




Website: SacredPath.Co 

IG: @andy_sudbrock 



Our 5-Star Luxury Costa Rica Plant Medicine Retreat with Dr. Lisa: 

August 13 - 18th at Imiloa Institute: