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Worth The Fight Podcast

Oct 26, 2020

It was a tremendous honor speaking with Rick Doblin PhD about the pioneering work being done at MAPS, the Multi-Disciplinary Association of Psychedelic Studies, with MDMA-assisted psychotherapy, which stands as a likely cure for PTSD. We cover in-depth their novel approach to healthcare and prescription drugs. And MAPS' overarching goal of mass mental health and how this controversial therapy is poised to potentially disrupt/shift the broken medical models currently in place.


Show Notes Rick Doblin PhD Episode #10:


We discuss:


-MDMA-Assisted Therapeutic Protocol (7:50)


-MDMA helps people process painful emotions(8:42)


-People keep getting after two-month follow up (9:12)


-“When difficult emotions come up, and their standard approach before had been to suppress the emotions or to try to tranquilize with SSRI’s, to mute their emotions. That doesn’t have longterm benefits.” -Rick Doblin (9:47)


-Short term, a deep intervention that goes to the core of the problem.(10:14) 


-MDMA-Assisted Therapy labeled FDA “Breakthrough Therapy” (10:29)  


-Concept of Inner Healer (11:52)


-Eight-hour unscripted healing sessions (13:50)


-PTSD changes peoples brains: Fear processing part of the brain becomes hyperactive; Pre-Frontal Cortex, where we think logically is reduced activity; hippocampus, where we process memory into long-term storage is also reduced.(15:35)


-MDMA reduces activity in the amygdala, the fear processing part. (17:30)


-“PTSD changed my brain, and MDMA changed it back!” -Clinical Trials Patient(18:32)


-MDMA promotes new neural connections and releases oxytocin; strengthening prosocial parts of the brain. (19:05)


-MAPS: Non-profit Drug Development(23:57)


-“Not only are we trying to treat trauma, but we are trying to break the cycle of multi-generational trauma, that often has a conflict that goes back decades and centuries.” - Rick Doblin (26:18) Find treatment manual that describes the therapeutic approach. (26:55)


-Sept 2018: 1,036,000 US veterans receiving disability for PTSD.(27:26)


-Meditation, yoga, death/hospice, humane birthing, mindfulness all have been integrated into our culture (31:12)


-Tami Simon Insights at the Edge Podcast. (37:32)


-Abraham Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs: Self-transcendence to reach Self-Actualization. (39:32) 


-MAPS NFP Drug Company: “Not only are we trying to demonstrate a new approach to treating PTSD (with) Psychedelic-Assisted psychotherapy, but we are more broadly trying to demonstrate a new approach to provide healthcare and to provide prescription drugs in particular.” - Rick Doblin(42:42)


-MDMA was invented in 1912 and is off-patent - an anti-patent strategy developed. (44:30)


-MAPS For Profit Public Benefit Corporation. (46:50)


-Psychedelic State of the Union Address: The Future is Bright.(50:12)


-Psychedelic clinics on the horizon. (52:05)


-“Our goal is mass mental health! …Hopefully, a more spiritualized world with a lot less trauma.” -Rick Doblin(55:37)


-“Upside of global warming: People realizing—We are all in this together!”. - Rick Doblin(58:36)


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