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Worth The Fight Podcast

Jan 17, 2021

To celebrate Steven’s new book “The Art of Impossible” we have a generous give-away within our latest podcast episode. In this evergreen repost Steven gracious shares his game-changing, disruptive Flow research that empowers elevated learning, creativity, productivity & collaboration so we can massively level up our games. Steven, a renowned Flow researcher, author and futurist, maps for us the upper-limits of the human experience and how more flow might be a potential solution for the grand challenges we face as a species.


Show Notes Repost: Steven Kotler #15

We discuss:

-“Mapping Cloud Nine: Neuroscience, Flow, and the Upper Possibility Space of Human Experience” 


-Sounds True Partnership


-William James interested in the upper limits of ecstatic states


-1996 Emotions scientifically mapped for the first time 


-Freud set off the “100 year detour” which split the science of high-performance and science spirituality 


-Ten ongoing research projects at the Flow Research Collective 


-Glenn Fox USC Gratitude Researcher


-Flow is the opposite of traumatic stress 


-Imperial College of London: Difference Between Flow and Psychedelic 


-More hope for advancements in healing PTSD 


-Big Pharma’s Opioid Crisis: 193 people die each day, 70K PER YEAR—only 58k died in all of Vietnam 


-Victor Frankl: “Less about the trauma and more about the frame we build around it”


-Shared neurobiology between Flow, Psychedelics and Meditation 


-The pain of a bad psychedelic trip exceeds the pain of not getting into flow 


-Flow for Writer’s Workshop 


-“Psychedelics can be very, very useful when getting back to normal, resetting from trauma.” - Kotler


-Flow Cycle: Struggle/loading phase, Release, Flow, Recovery 




-“The Future is Faster Than You Think” -Steven Kotler/Peter Diamandis 


-“In the next 81 years, we are going to experience 20,000 years of technical change.” -Ray Kurzweil, Google Director of Engineering(41:55)


-Steven Kotler and Jamie Wheal on James Altucher Show (52:10)




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