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Worth The Fight Podcast

Sep 17, 2023

Tired of relying on pharmaceuticals? Join us as we embark on a hopeful journey with Dr. Ben Malcolm, the Spirit Pharmacist, who's here to guide us through the critical intersection of psychedelics and traditional pharmaceutical medications. We talk in-depth about Ben’s inspiring story, his extensive educational training, psychedelic integration, and how to best transition/taper off of pills. Ben enthusiastically shares his vision of psychedelics being integrated into the mainstream medical model, but with poignant concerns and conversations we should be having that will surely be imperative to the success of this movement.


Show Notes Dr. Ben Malcolm


We discuss;


-Psychiatry’s massive ethical conundrum [9:30]

-Integrating these potent therapies into the mainstream model [13:00]

-Dr. Malcolm's personal journey becoming the Spirit Pharmacist [18:00]

-Cognitive liberty [23:00]

-Harmonizing social anxiety with MDMA [26:40]

-Powerful journey’s with Ayahuasca and LSD [29:05]

-Psychedelics for objective awareness and shifting perspective [33:00]

-Psychedelic integration and the importance of practical change [39:00]

-Therapy vs. Coaching [42:20]

-“Best Practices” of tapering off of SSRIs [45:30]

-Holistic health boosts neurotransmitters [56:00]


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