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Worth The Fight Podcast

May 4, 2024

Retired Navy SEAL Diego Ugalde shares his inspiring awakened journey and how to navigate the limitless path and journey within. Diego shares the best of both worlds illuminating insights from his incredible military career and his expansive, soulful psychedelic healing journeys and experience as a psychedelic integration coach. His understanding of spiritual principles and the predictable pitfalls on this emergent path is profound. Diego vulnerably shares his deep medicine work with some of the most powerful psychedelics on Earth, transcending trauma, shame, perfectionism, and disillusionment as he shifted to a path of service, authoring Leading From The Deep: A Navy SEAL’s Guide to Conscious Leadership. Diego’s servant’s heart, spirit of altruism, and selflessness are a true blessing for the movement and our global human family. 


Diego Ugalde Show Notes: 


We Discuss; 


-Diego’s soulful transformation with psychedelics [4:20]

-Diego’s calling to support other people’s healing journeys [16:15]

-Shifting to a state of curiosity instead of knowing [19:10]

 -The supreme importance of integration [31:30]

-Psychiatrists with psychedelic experience will be the most sought after people in healthcare [42:45]

-The opposite of learning is knowing [45:00]

-Psychedelics teach in metaphors [59:00]

-Just listen. It's not about figuring out [104:00]

-Diego breaks down his approach to meditation [106:10]

-Plant medicines are keys to locks we have within [1:10:30]

-Most powerful psychedelic 5meo-DMT [115:45]

-Heaven & Hell are within [1:22:00]


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