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Worth The Fight Podcast

Sep 29, 2020

Dr. Dan Engle graciously shares his spiritual insight and pragmatic perspective of our uncertain times like no other. We push the edges and unpack the perils and potential of our precarious present times. Dan brings novel ideas and strategies around initiation and integration and a wealth of perspective being a true psychedelic pioneer. 


Show notes Dr. Dan Engle Podcast #46


We Discuss;


-Possible perils confronting human family: We don’t know if we are going to make [10:30]

-Reclamation of the feminine voice after thousands of year of Patriarchy subjugation [15:30]

-FEARVANA: “Suffer Well” Reframing our suffering and using fear to accelerate our growth - Akshay Nanavati [19:15]

-Dan’s potentially life-saving integration tips and perspective [28:20]

-Everybody wakes up in their own way [32:20]

-We are not meant to this in full isolation [41:10]

-Profound understanding of transformational process[43:10]

-Integral Psychology: Grant Cartwright [44:50]

-How we treat the Earth is how we treat the feminine. And we are not doing a very good job[52:30]

-Our collective soul-sickness [53:00]

-Screen time biggest addiction for the coming generation [56:55]


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IG: @drdanengle

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