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Worth The Fight Podcast

Nov 18, 2019

Roger Volodarsky, the CEO of Puffco, and I have a thoughtful conversation about the intentional use of psychedelic medicines. We talk plant medicines, DMT/ayahuasca, flow states, micro-dosing, cutting edge science, vulnerability, growth mindset, and so, so much more! 

Worth The Fight Podcast Episode #8: Roger V Show Notes:


-7:06 “Ego Death when your reality fights back”: Therapy/Lost 100 lbs


-11:00 minutes: Recreational use with LSD


-12:45 Strategic Withdrawal from psychedelics 30-60 days


-13:45 Science shows micro-dosing mushrooms promote neurogenesis where full doses do not


-17:06 Growth vs Acceptance: Value of constructive/negative feedback from loved ones


-19:27 Overcoming opioid addiction


-24:16 I am in love with what I do: All of it! 2:16


-28:31 “Confidence is the result” Akshay Nanavati author of Fearvana


-31:31 “I had to earn that confidence.” 


-36:36 Flow Research: Productivity, Learning & Creativity 


-37:51 Combating PTSD


-38:11 MDMA assisted therapy protocol


-44:01 “I can’t say that there is nothing after this” “An infinite intelligence at play.”


-45:56 “DMT is heavy. I try to warn everyone against it, not that I tell people not to do it. It’s not a party drug.”


-53:31 Coffee/Green Tea Fast


-55:31 Micro-dose mushrooms to start if curious. Listen to the plants.


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