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Worth The Fight Podcast

Mar 15, 2021

Has there ever been a better time to engage a daily practice that boosts our immune systems, increases energy levels, while reducing pain and inflammation? Probably not. In addition to these vital benefits, its thought that the Wim Hof Method might produce endogenous DMT. We broach all this and much more in our spirited part 2 podcast conversation with Gerardo Urias, author of "Taking Back My Mind."


Gerardo Urias Part 2 Show Notes:


We Discuss;


-Healthy stress [6:55]

-Bufo Toad, 5 meoDMT [10:00]

-Spirit molecule [13:15]

-Healing childhood trauma [16:20]

-Psychedelics not required [17:15]

-Anti-Fragility: Feeding off of chaos and discord [23:30]


Contact Gerardo Urias:


FB: @takingbackmymind

IG: @gerardourias77

“Taking Back My Mind” Please support a brave first time author and pick copy of Gerardo’s game-changer book