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Worth The Fight Podcast

Feb 21, 2020

#ThankYouPlantMedicines: I share more of my deep affinity and appreciation for plant medicines while recapping the first 20 episodes of the Worth The Fight Podcast.

Feb 10, 2020

What taboos?! Bob and I cover it all in our highly charged conversation where we dive deep and discuss the truth of being. 


Show notes Bob Otis Stanley #19


We Discuss;


-Psychedelic Liberty Summit, April 25/26th, San Fransisco—Hosted by Chacruna (1:45)


-Direct experience over religious dogma (3:00)



Feb 1, 2020

John Saul gets raw and real about his life-saving MDMA-assisted psychotherapy treatment in the MAPS Phase 2 clinical trials. We talk about the vital importance of psychedelic integration and break down the mechanism of this unconventional healing process.



John Saul #18 Show Notes

We Discuss;


-John’s study he...