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Worth The Fight Podcast

Mar 8, 2023

Old dogs can learn new tricks. And humans can thrive in the later years of life. We discuss Steven Kotler’s new book Gnar Country: Growing Old, Staying Rad, where he explodes our fixed mindset around aging, inviting us all to rethink Possibility as we age. Steven, a world-renowned expert in flow science and peak human performance, imparts many actionable strategies to help us massively level up our games for more accelerated learning, elevated creativity & expansive productivity. 


Show Notes Steven Kotler: 


We discuss;


-Inspiration behind Gnar Country [5:30]

-Steven’s ambition to learn park skiing [11:00]

-Peak performance aging study [13:00]

-If first you don’t succeed, start again one level higher [18:00]

-Feeling shame and processing trauma for greater flow state [22:30]

-Peak performance mindset [29:00]

-Multi-tooled solutions and stacked protocols [31:30]

-Flow requires recovery [35:00]

-TV & Alcohol block flow [38:00]

-Rules for flow [49:00]

-Success in dangerous environments is knowing the line between fear and too much fear [50:30]



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