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Worth The Fight Podcast

Feb 20, 2023

Triumph Over Trauma: A timely blessing for our human family and world mired in pain & suffering. Dr. Randall Hansen leverages the incredible power of story to illuminate the Possibility in the emerging frontier of psychedelic medicine. He showcases 23+ personal shares of brave seekers using a myriad of different psychedelics at many dosage levels for various intentions from people from all walks of life. “Triumph Over Trauma” is a fantastic compilation and up-to-date depiction of all the reasons to be hopeful as psychedelic medicine makes its way into the mainstream. If you are seeking a trusted guidebook to navigate the wondrous path ahead, this book is for you. 


Show Notes Dr. Randall Hansen

We discuss;


-The inspiration behind “Triumph Over Trauma” [5:30]

-Journaling as a supremely potent integration tool [8:45]

-Dr. Randall Hansen’s intention for engaging psychedelia [15:00]

-Cultural shifts towards vulnerability & authenticity [25:30]

-The incredible power of story [32:00]

-DSM over 100 mental health disorders [35:00]

-Ran’s passionate motivation for working with our underserved veteran population [44:30]

-“Bad Trips” are BS Inc programs [56:00]


Connect with Dr. Randall Hansen: 



To purchase “Triumph Over Trauma” on Amazon HERE