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Worth The Fight Podcast

May 6, 2020

May’s Mental Health Awareness Month begins in grand fashion with an incredible story of overcoming drug addiction. Ed shares vulnerably his epic struggles with a 4-year meth psychosis of extreme paranoia and how he reconciled his mental health challenges, leading him to a path of spirituality, self-improvement, and selfless service to others. Ed authored a profoundly poignant and relevant book chronicling his life’s journey and overcoming, illuminating the dogged pursuit and ceaseless dreams to be a writer. Bravo! 



Show Notes Ed Kressy #30


We Discuss;


-“My Addiction & Recovery: Just Because You Are Done With Drugs It Doesn’t Mean Drugs Are Done With You” [10:00]


-Dream & Goals: Dream is who we want to be; Goals what we want to do [12:30]


-When pursuit of goals beget our pursuit of our dreams we settle [13:52]


-Forsaking our dreams will catch up [15:42]


-Butterfly Transformation Journey [18:35]


-Ed’s experience w/Spirituality [20:20]


-Never left one block radius for 1 year(last year on meth) [28:40]


-The cave you fear to enter holds the treasure you seek - Joseph Campbell [33:20]


-Seth Godin is a major supporter of criminal justice service work [35:40]


-We are only as sick as our secrets - Ed Kressy [36:30]


-Drugs are usually not the problem, drugs are our attempt at a solution [42:45]


-ToastMasters game-changer(For me too! :) [45:00]


-DEFY Ventures: Service work coaching incarcerated men in transformation life-skills [46:00]


-Personal experience w/Ayahuasca [52:37]


-What Western medicine doesn’t understand far exceeds what we do [56:30]


-COVID-19 fear virus talk [58:30]


“My Addiction and Recovery: Just Because You Are Done With Drugs Doesn’t Mean Drugs Are Done With You”

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